Worldwide, there are thousands of CHILDREN trapped in lives of sexual slavery. How to help these children? I know... they're so far away.

I believe there is a way: we must increase the PUBLIC AWARENESS of their plight.

But, how to reach the public and motivate people to speak out?

One word.... HOLLYWOOD

A worldwide, blockbuster movie will reach hundreds of millions of people


WE WILL force governments to DOUBLE, TRIPLE the manpower to combat sex trafficking. The PUBLIC OUTCRY created by this film will do it

ONLY when the public screams do governments listen.  When DOUBLE WIFE hits theaters worldwide, the public will SCREAM: STOP THE TRAFFICKING

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DOUBLE WIFE | DOUBLE LIFE is my story. It's a shocking and amazing book, AND TRUE

After this discovery, my mission was clear:   BRING DOWN the whole perverted ring

Together, we can make a difference

From Chapter 22.   Their international human trafficking.  A crinkled-up photo of the girl they brought from Cambodia

Later, I discovered that this ring was not just a local ring, but was also an international human trafficking organization, bringing in girls from Southeast Asia, specifically Cambodia, USING FORGED PASSPORTS, to be prostitutes in the ring

Read the reference to Royce's website where Borelli says he can get passports in 3-5 days.  Does anyone think Royce works for our government?

IMAGINE you discover that your wife was not only in love with another man, but this man was her PIMP, and she was his MADAM and PROSTITUTE

In Double Wife you'll read how I uncovered a real-life, international human trafficking ring, led by my wife and her pimp ROYCE ROCCO

AND you'll read about the steps I took and the obstacles I faced in trying to BRING DOWN the whole perverted ring.

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Folks, in my case, NO IMAGINATION WAS NEEDED.   I’m Paul T. Goldman, and, as unbelievable as it sounds, all this happened to me.


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IMAGINE you learned that your beloved wife was running her segment of a multi-state, multi-million dollar prostitution ring, right from your bedroom, ON YOUR WEDDING NIGHT, making calls to her pimp, THREE TIMES, after you had fallen asleep

Join the army of people who are repulsed by sex trafficking.

  Save lives

TOGETHER we're going to BRING DOWN the sex trafficking ring I uncovered in Chapter 22 of Double Wife | Double Life, and others